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ADvendio Partners with Salesforce France Award Winners Easyfront Consulting

Salesforce France Gold Partners Easyfront Consulting are aiming to boost media ad sales by introducing the outstanding Salesforce-integrated app ADvendio.

Easyfront was formed in France three years ago by Managing Director Mathieu Etienne as a dynamic consulting and system integrator company dedicated solely to Salesforce. This was always going to be the backbone of this company’s business dynamic.

Mathieu chose ADvendio as the “best of breed” of Salesforce Partner Apps because of its end-to-end capability to streamline the selling workflow. Easyfront has expertise in consulting, integration and deployment, maintenance, audit and analytics. Mathieu says, “We have a strong focus on the media industry, and we identified Advendio’s solution as the most valuable for advertising sales and order management, and so we decided to partner with them.”

Easyfront is able to customise ADvendio to meet the exact specifications and needs of their customers. For example, for the past three years, they have been adapting ISV solutions dedicated to Life Sciences or subscription billing and they are continuing in this with Advendio for their media companies.

In only a few years, Easyfront has performed spectacularly, becoming a Salesforce Gold Partner and receiving an award as a Fast Growing Salesforce France Partner in 2016.

Two consultants from Easyfront, Valentin and Chimène, visited ADvendio Headquarters in Hamburg recently to gain the requisite training to ensure that they will maximise benefits from ADvendio for their Easyfront clients.

Mathieu says, “In our business model, our clients’ satisfaction and trust is vital – as ADvendio is the leading ad sales management solution which can improve their business productivity, and which has been validated and approved by our experts, we’re very confident each time we propose ADvendio and implement it for our clients.”

Bernd Bube, CEO and founder of ADvendio, says, “We are delighted to have on board our new French partners Easyfront, and we look forward to a long and productive business relationship with them.”

February 10th, 2017|Partnerships|

ADvendio is Riding High with Moving Media Basel – Bus and Tram Advertising

Moving Media Basel AG specializes in Out-of-Home advertising on trams, buses and stations in the Swiss city of Basel. Bringing their unique brand of expertise using display adverts on public transport they can reach customers that other advertising cannot encompass.

Public transport advertising on lots of different types of vehicles brings its own special needs. Moving Media Basel was formed last year out of several companies –and the new company is bringing unique expertise to this ad sector. They have benefited from the flexibility of ADvendio – amusingly they are using formats developed for the internet, such as banners and skyscrapers on buses and trams, and they work perfectly well!

Moving Media has complex requirements: the fleet is 400 strong and each has multiple advertisements. The customized booking calendar was created by ADvendio and Moving Media together, uniquely for public transport advertising – the complexities of the medium require a perfect calendar. That was not possible with their previous software, which ADvendio superceded.

One factor that makes Moving Media stand out in Basel is that it can bring advertising into the classic “Old City”. Billboards and other intrusive media are banned, but there is a huge audience of locals and tourists to capture.

Recently Moving Media have fully migrated all their data, contacts, etc., to ADvendio and have switched off the old software. The result is one integrated system which means more efficient workflow. ADvendio is very cost-effective. Managing Director Hans-Georg Bell says, “When I found ADvendio, I was very happy. We were finally able to administer our complex business end-to-end. It means our sales team can concentrate on our core business activities, while ADvendio works in the background.”

In 2017 and beyond they will be growing the core business and utilizing the new possibilities ADvendio has opened up for them.

January 26th, 2017|Success Stories|

ADvendio Unveils New ‘Commitments’ Feature

Here at ADvendio, we believe in automating all the tasks possible in advertising sales so that the team can get on with selling. Our ingenious developers have come up with a new feature to help users become more efficient: Commitments.

Often advertisers will have regular contracts with their agencies, with financial targets over time, usually a year. In Germany, these are called ‘Commitments’. Stefan Ropte, ADvendio’s Director of Product and Innovation, says, “These commitments are usually complex, non-transparent, and if updated manually, can be error-prone. We decided to build a new module into the application to make these issues a thing of the past.”

The new module manages any commitments between advertising client, agency and media publisher. Users can enter the details of any commitments undertaken, then as time progresses, the targets and status of the agreement are modified by the system, with types of media, discounts, and any other variables automatically updated. For instance, if a company has a deal where for every ten print advertisements it places, two are given free, when it reaches 20, then it will have 24 available. If it has used 15 of these, then this will be automatically updated, leaving nine more, and the user-interface will show which are paid-for and which free.

The module can accept many different kinds of media ad formats and other variables. Users cannot enter information that is not valid – for example putting in digital impressions if it is only a print campaign.

Generating reports of campaign activity is simple. So managers can keep an eye on how the advertising operation is progressing.

Stefan Ropte concludes, “This addition to our powerful Salesforce App minimizes human error, improves transparency and financial reporting, and is easy to learn and utilise. This is a good option for all concerned because it will save time for ad sales people to concentrate on winning business. Managers will also have better oversight for their commitments goals.”

January 26th, 2017|Uncategorized|

Sparking a New Partnership with INSPARK

INSPARK operates throughout Europe and the Middle East, combining knowledge, excellence and a strong belief in providing software solutions and services suitable to customer needs. INSPARK’s Istanbul, Turkey office covers Europe, North Africa and Middle East regions.

Since 1997 they have operated as a strategic Consulting Partner and Reseller of, working with some of Salesforce’s largest and highest profile customers in Turkey. As a fast-growing company they received awards including “Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Turkey” and “Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA” lists in 2012, 2013 and 2014. They are a partner of, Google Apps, Blackline, Infor and Informatica, and provide exceptional services and intelligent solutions.

INSPARK has broad range of experience including advertising. Projects completed include publishing, digital, and Out-of-Home advertising.

This dynamic company is ADvendio’s latest partner. They selected ADvendio because it is a specialized and proven vendor in Ad Management and because of it’s successful projects/client base. Another main reason is that ADvendio is a native Salesforce application.

ADvendio CEO Bernd Bube says, “We are excited to be working with INSPARK to create growing value in their digital media marketplace.”

INSPARK chose ADvendio because they already had a customer using it. So they already have a good level of experience with the application. They want to work in partnership to to deepen their know-how about the technical aspects of ADvendio.

Serdar Susuz, INSPARK’s CEO says, “We are looking to benefit from a partnership with ADvendio because Advendio’s solution is completely based on platform and a leader in vertical Ad Management.”

Partnership with ADvendio benefits companies familiar with Salesforce because it creates a seamless journey from initial contact through advertising to payment, and partners can grow their business by using the efficiency advantages of ADvendio including its customizable and flexible structure. ADvendio is actively seeking partners to extend its reach into new regions.

ADvendio and INSPARK will move forward together to provide ad sales solutions in the European, Turkish and Middle-Eastern marketplaces.

January 18th, 2017|News & Events|