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Advertising Management Software for Ecommerce Stores

End-to-end management of ecommerce stores advertising processes in a single platform.

Designed for the Ecommerce Advertising Industry

Our holistic solution enables you to streamline your advertising transactions across your Ecommerce store.

media buying, self service
  • Full process media specific OMS, from order to invoicing and more.
  • Omnichannel advertising data is stored in an interconnected system.
  • Automate Sales processes with our self-service ad platform.
  • Live omnichannel booking calendar for advertising sales.
  • Seamless access to all financial data with integrations to ERP systems.

Ecommerce Stores Advertising Solution List

Boost process efficiency and improve campaign effectiveness with our all-in-one solution.

Self-Service Advertising

Our customizable, scalable, white-labeled solution offers your retail business out-of-the-box access to an attractive UI and sophisticated back end technology to drive sales efficiency and reduce overall costs.

On-Demand Ecommerce Ad Inventory Management

With a real-time overview of available, reserved, and suggested ad requirements, you can enhance your inventory management. Allow your teams to easily access precise pricing on demand.

Keep track of your advertising budget

From order management through the creation of annual financial statements, you'll benefit from a single, simplified process. Simply orchestrate your spend across all media channels and advertising activities. 

Optimize Sponsored Listing Sales

Remove the risk of overbooking and increase customer satisfaction with real-time advertising purchase options. Our live booking calendar ensures that only up to date availability information is displayed.

Compatible With Your Systems

Easily integrate with leading external ERP and CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP and Hubspot. ADvendio enables you to effectively manage all your advertising data in one location. Thanks to its integrations with ad servers, exchanges and accounting system interfaces, you benefit from direct campaign booking from ADvendio as well as live campaign performance tracking, billing and reporting tools.

CRM Integrations

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