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Adapting to a Cookieless World: The Ultimate Guide 


As the end of third-party cookies approaches in 2024, accompanied by stricter privacy legislation and limitations on identifier usage, brands must redefine their advertising approaches to engage customers effectively.

This eBook offers a comprehensive guide to navigating the challenges and opportunities in the cookieless future, presenting innovative solutions and actionable insights.

Read this ebook to learn about:

  • Google’s cookie deprecation update
  • Navigating media buying in a post-deprecation era
  • How media companies leverage first-party data
  • The evolution of programmatic advertising
  • The advantages of private marketplaces

As the advertising industry continues to evolve due to digital transformation, cookie deprecation and technological advancements brands must re-evaluate how they advertise to their target customers.

This ebook takes a look at the retail, media, classifieds and out-of-home industries where ADvendio's solution has been successfully implemented.

Read this ebook to learn about:

The digital transformation of the retail media industry
How cookie deprecation is changing the media industry
A guide to online classified advertising
All the basics you need to know about out-of-home advertising

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