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Efficient digital advertising workflows with ad server integrations.

Ad Servers Advendio

Easily integrate all your ad servers

ADvendio offers a scalable solution with ad server integrations that builds a reliable bridge between sales, orders and campaign management. This all-in-one software brings together CRM and ad operations to greatly shorten management circles. Ad servers such as Google DoubleClick (DFP), One by AOL, FreeWheel, Smart AdServer, AppNexus and AdsWizz are easily integrated while any additional setup is included as standard with our Professional plan.

Google DoubleClick

A premier provider of digital marketing technology and services. The world’s top marketers, publishers and agencies utilize DoubleClick’s expertise in ad serving, rich media, video, mobile, search and affiliate marketing.

One by AOL

One by AOL is a supplier of global digital marketing solutions and is part of AOL Group. Its core product is the ad serving solution which primarily focuses on display, video, mobile and rich media ads.


FreeWheel provides a platform that is used by some of the best-known tv networks to thrive in the evolving media landscape. Their technology helps video publishers manage the end-to-end economics of premium content.

Smart AdServer

Smart AdServer develops and markets premium ad serving solutions for media agencies and publishing companies to manage display campaigns. This solution is tailor made for Web, mobile and iPad/tablets.


AppNexus offers online auction infrastructure and technology for data management, optimization and financial clearing. It has both demand-side platform (DSP) and supply-side platform (SSP) functionalities.


AdsWizz is a digital audio advertising solution that provides leading audio publishers with advanced server-side and client-side insertion software including audio-centric ad serving and supply-side platforms.

Supported Features

Ad Server integration features supported by ADvendio.

Availability Forecast

Without leaving the ADvendio application, you have availability forecasts at hand within your media campaign to check if inventory is available and to receive total amounts and share of voice – with one click. Based on this data, you can adjust your campaign immediately.

Targeting Configurator

Configure your targeting criteria (geo, time, browser/OS, frequency capping) in the ADvendio media campaign and automatically transfer these settings when requesting availabilities or submitting the order to your ad server.

Booking Orders

Book your orders directly from the edited media campaign within ADvendio on your ad server with a single click, as soon as the order is confirmed – including all entered values and targeting criteria. Save time and prevent mistakes by managing all relevant information in one application.

Campaign Performance

You receive regular reports from your ad server with information on campaign performance like delivered ad impressions/clicks in your ADvendio media campaign. You can either export these delivery data or use them for invoices and accounting directly within ADvendio for perfect end-to-end processes.

Ad Servers Advendio

Christoph Knoch


Right now, we are certainly only scratching the surface of ADvendio’s full range of functions. However, the feedback from our staff is so positive that we want to integrate the solution even further.

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