Achieve Optimized Contract Management with ADvendio’s Publisher Payout

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Jennifer Hornibrook


Myriam Hirt

Wed, Sep 16, 2020 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM BST 

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In today’s media industry, many publishers work alongside other publishers in order to sell a higher-quality broader portfolio of highly targeted inventory to advertisers. In addition, publishers work with marketers to reduce their own sales efforts and costs, strengthen their sales channel, and ultimately increase revenue.
Nevertheless, these co-operations can often lead to a complex network of contracts with terms and payout issues resulting in time-consuming tasks for the publishers who are expanding their range of services by purchasing additional content and placements.

Co-hosted by Product Manager Jennifer Hornibrook and ADvendio Customer Relationship Manager, Myriam Hirt, join our webinar to discover how ADvendio’s Publisher Payout not only offers way to manage complex contracts and payment conditions but automates when and how payouts are handled based on inventory sold.

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