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Using DFP? Find out how to integrate DoubleClick into your ad sales process.

See for yourself how leading publishers and sales houses using DFP benefit from a direct connection between sales and ad ops.


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CRM, Orders & Sales Management

The ad sales management process is complex and requires a lot of time as ad operations tasks have to be coordinated separately. ADvendio includes an out-of-the-box ad server and network integration which builds a strong bridge between CRM, Order & Sales system and ad server. The core for fluent data flows in digital ad sales management is the ad server integration. You’ll still be using your ad server, but your daily work will be much easier as you can seamlessly exchange information from one system to another, e.g. forecast availabilities with the click of a button within ADvendio.

– Let sales requests availabilities on their own (without access to DFP environment)

– Submit the in ADvendio created campaign incl targeting information to the ad server (no copy & pasting the same information)

– Get ad server delivery data back to the campaign within ADvendio (either regular intervals or in real-time)

– Load creatives in ADvendio and submit them to DFP

Bringing together sales and ad operations, shortening the management circles and collecting all your business data in one spot will lead to more speed and productivity. Test the DFP integration with our 30-day free trial.