Integration of programmatic data offers publishers more transparency and allows real-time bidders to be personally addressed

ADvendio is launching the direct integration of programmatic advertising data in customer booking systems. With the integration of Yieldlab and DoubleClick Ad Exchange, the company is offering publishers more transparency across all digital channels and opening up new possibilities for cross- or up-selling in media sales. ADvendio will also continue to invest in the bundling of all advertising channels into one publisher tool and the continuity of its platform processes. TOMORROW FOCUS Media, one of Germany’s leading digital sales houses, is already backing the 360-degree view offered by ADvendio.

The integration will enable ADvendio customers to receive detailed analyses of Supply Side Platform (SSP) delivery quantities, as well as reporting on an inventory level. These flow directly and without media interruption into ADvendio’s ad management platform and provide an overview of which customers are booking via which of the publisher’s channels. This directly available analysis allows better support for existing customers. It will also be possible to make personal offers to programmatic customers, giving publishers the option to provide with them with additional, personalised promotional offers on the basis of their booking behaviour.

Little by little, additional steps are being integrated into the platform process along with reporting, such as corresponding client accounting.

We are striving to offer our customers a comprehensive system that meshes across digital channels. With the pace at which the programmatic market is growing, it was only logical for us to integrate the relevant data into our solution,” says Julian Ahrends, Managing Director Product & Services  at ADvendio.

Many publishers are still flying blind in real-time trade, because SSP and exchanges simply represent another data silo for them and they don’t even know who is buying inventory from them. The true value of linking traditional campaign data with programmatics is that these new insights can immediately open up entirely new leads for direct business – a development from which publishers and advertisers can profit.”

That the need for an appropriate integration of systems exists on the market, is also confirmed by Marco Klimkeit, CEO of Yieldlab:

Maximum transparency at any time and options for controls over all customers, channels, campaigns, inventories and target quantities, are a key success factor in digital advertising sales. That is why from the outset, we developed the Yieldlab platform as an open system for third-parties, and have already made numerous partnerships with technology companies who use our APIs. We are pleased that ADvendio now users our interface as its first provider of order management systems, to offer a central access point for publishers and to enable complete and efficient monetisation with it.

Delivery via the real time bidding protocol follows the same ad sales principles as traditional delivery via the ad server. Therefore, we have added stable functionalities to our products which allow the publisher to sell their high-quality advertising space efficiently, regardless of the type of delivery. It is important not to cannibalise the direct sale of publishers, but to support it using efficient tools. Of course, a link to an order management system is one of the prerequisites for equal treatment of programmatic and traditional demands, says Thomas Mendrina, Head of Media Publishing at Google Germany.

Similarly, the programmatic advertising data, ad servers and exchanges can be integrated into the existing platform in future, with further support from ADvendio. In the next step, the integration of programmatic direct deals into ADvendio is planned in order to reproduce a continuous process like the traditional channel has already.