If agencies want to streamline their processes, achieve better client satisfaction and improve transparency within their team, an omnichannel ad management solution should be on their radar. From self-service advertising management to a ready-to-use solution the benefits of an out-of-the-box system can help you take your agency to the next level.

Check out these 7 ways your agency can benefit.

1. Self-Service Advertising Management

One of the many benefits of using an omnichannel ad management solution is its self-service abilities. Agencies are able to improve campaign effectiveness and streamline their processes.

A branded, self-service advertising portal allows agency clients to create and manage campaigns on their own. This allows for seamless communication between your agency and clients. An ad management solution creates a fully integrated platform where clients can benefit from robust workflows and intelligent lighting flows. It also allows you to schedule ads and campaigns and check them off your list and focus on higher-priority tasks.

An omnichannel ad management system cuts down on manual labor, physical meetings and back and forth negotiating between sales and ad ops. Agencies can save time and money with a streamlined self-serve system.

2. Streamline Financial and Accounting Operations

Having systems and processes in an all-in-one platform can improve efficiency for your agency. An ad management solution integrates orders with billing information. By supporting agencies through all steps of the advertising process, you can answer your customer’s RFPs, create proposals and get campaigns up and running quickly. From there you can easily create and send out the necessary invoices.

An omnichannel ad management solution skips the need for repetitive and time-consuming steps by streamlining financial operations with the necessary advertising and communication steps.

3. Manage Commitments Efficiently

Minimizing human error is important in advertising. ADvendio comes with commitment features that are a great benefit to agencies. Your agency can enter details of any commitments undertaken. As time progresses, the targets and status of the agreement are modified by the system. Types of media, discounts, and any other variables are automatically updated.

Our software manages all commitments between the advertising client, agencies, and media publishers, tracks them, and updates them with any new information. This feature improves transparency, minimizes human error, and allows for financial reporting. As an added bonus, the system is simple to utilize and easy to learn.

4. Streamlined Programmatic Advertising

ADvendio’s data normalization and visualization partner ensures that agencies have instant access to accurate data. Manage all your programmatic activities with one easy solution. Save time by bypassing manual data entry errors by booking deals directly to social media channels, DSPs, and Ad Exchanges.

Omnichannel campaigns allow you to combine direct and programmatic deals. Achieve revenue efficiency and satisfy client expectations with a single interconnected solution. Track agency’s KPIs and drive client campaign optimizations with cross-channel comparison reporting.

Programmatic advertising arms agencies and advertisers with powerful audience targeting features that ensure ads reach their ideal audience at scale.

5. Accelerated Media Execution

If you want to increase efficiency and automate your agency’s key processes, ADvendio ensures that you’re able to do this by streamlining client requests, transactional data sync, invoicing, and reconciliation. In the future, this will incorporate planning functionality driven by artificial intelligence as well.

Increase your agency’s scalability without the need for costly investments. An omnichannel ad management solution allows you to do this by reducing manual efforts in their current ad management process. Save time while building strong client relationships and still have time to prioritize campaign optimization.

6. Real-Time Customizable Analytics

Agencies can access whatever advertising intelligence they need, exactly when they need it with a consolidated hub as a single source of truth for all their business data. Without juggling multiple systems, you can centralize existing data, set up audiences across all channels, and create highly relevant advertising at scale for your clients.

Set up and work with structured reports that are customized to meet client needs. ADvendio’s reporting is based on the state-of-the-art reporting engine Salesforce. This system offers an infinite number of reporting opportunities.

7. Ready-to-use Solution

Agencies can increase their client satisfaction with beneficial team functionalities. By implementing an out-of-the-box omnichannel ad management solution agencies integrate all the essential components of ad campaign management. Along with this, they can incorporate solutions such as workflow automation, CRM, integrated reporting, and other AI-powered capabilities.

Along with giving your team the ability to create a client-centered approach, they’ll be able to complete tasks with more efficiency. Achieve better transparency within your team with a system built to handle the growth in the industry.

Why Choose an Omnichannel Ad Management Solution

The ADvendio system was designed with agencies in mind. If you’re ready to scale your agency without heavy investments, an omnichannel ad management solution can help you do just that.

By streamlining your agency’s financial operations, and customer communication and allowing self-serve options along with accelerated media execution your team can work with more efficiency. Give your client better results while improving the customer experience.