2024 Media Industry Trends Report

Media Trends Report

Learning which trends are the hottest right now is essential for understanding what’s happening in our industry.

It also clarifies what’s the gap your company needs to overcome to stay relevant - or even be ahead of the crowd.

That’s why we gathered three of our favorite AdTech experts and spent time listening . The following report includes the trends they see shaping our industry, plus research data and action items you can implement this year.

Read this report to learn about:

  • Declining Traffic & Government Intervention Lead to Consolidation
  • Post-Cookie Data and Media Monetization
  • The Ascent of Retail Media
  • Effective Sales Strategies & Human-AI Creative Development
  • The Fight for Fraud Prevention and Improving User Experience in Connected TVs
  • Media Buying & User Experience Strategies Go Back to What Worked Before
  • Unified Order Management Systems
  • Be a Trendsetter in Your Company (The Top Three Areas to Focus on)

As the advertising industry continues to evolve due to digital transformation, cookie deprecation and technological advancements brands must re-evaluate how they advertise to their target customers.

This ebook takes a look at the retail, media, classifieds and out-of-home industries where ADvendio's solution has been successfully implemented.

Read this ebook to learn about:

The digital transformation of the retail media industry
How cookie deprecation is changing the media industry
A guide to online classified advertising
All the basics you need to know about out-of-home advertising

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