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ImmobilienScout24 automates with ADvendio

Integrated ad server connection and subscription models facilitate online advertising As part of the Scout24 group, ImmobilienScout24 is one of the leading internet companies in Europe. For the real estate platform to continue observing stable growth, it was essential to forge new paths in the realm of advertising, and to optimise the processes involved. That […]

26 Mar 2015

ADvendio Customer Day Germany and Get-together 2015

Thanks for joining! Learn and connect at ADvendio’s Customer Day Last week ADvendio welcomed its German customers in Hamburg. The workshop included among others best practices and sessions on how to invoice ad sales more efficiently, use handy reports for more advertising business insights and create time-saving workflows for streamlined collaboration in ad sales. We […]

17 Mar 2015

Commercial Optimizer – Easy Advertising Order Amendment for Publishers

Automated process for handling ad campaign changes  In our dynamic advertising industry, changes on already booked orders are often not the exception but the rule; either because creatives haven’t been delivered in time, campaigns don’t perform as they should or entire ad specs need to be modified. Additionally, when working with digital inventory, changes must […]

14 Mar 2015

ADvendio Winter ’15 Release: Easy order amendment and programmatic process inclusion

Increased ad sales efficiency with these features! The commercial optimizer saves the whole order management team time as the amendment process of booked orders is automated, while the inclusion of programmatic processes leads to more transparency across all ad sales channels. Improvements in ad server integration and finance complete this release. Commercial optimizer – Easy […]

13 Mar 2015