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Availability Forecast on Ad Server

Managing ad sales is a complex process in which many different parameters have to be considered. You display the ads depending on website, placement, date, time, browser and so on. Often you disclose different ads from diverse campaigns even on the same placement at the same time. The differentiated demand for online advertisement requires a […]

31 Mar 2011

Visit Reports

The visit report function enables you to create protocols of your events. You can enter information like meeting members, date, reason for the appointment, next steps, the meeting’s objectives and everything you’ve talked about. Visit report as perfect controll mechanism The function is particularly suited for your sales monitoring. You can either control the performance […]

20 Mar 2011

Customizable Dashboards

With the help of reports you can analyze and evaluate all sorts of data, like your media campaign performances, ad specs effectiveness and many more. But only generating reports doesn’t always lead to clear and evident results. Everyone from executives to managers to individual sales reps are never more than a few clicks away from […]

15 Mar 2011