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Trial Getting Started

No software to install. No downloads. No hidden costs. Expires automatically! In our fully functional trial you can use your own inventory and generate proposals, calculate gross and net amounts, request availabilities directly from your ad server (supported so far: DFP, ADTECH, Adition, Smart), receive revenue schedules and book from ADvendio, use reporting and dashboard […]

20 Jan 2011

Total Account Revenues

Important Account Information At A Glance! ADvendio displays detailed revenue information of the past, future and present in your accounts, so you have important data at hand. See how the automatically calculated account revenue information depends on media campaigns.

20 Jan 2011

Manage Currencies

Ready for International Business! In today’s business you often work with multiple currencies. This video shows you how to add new currencies including conversion rates to your

20 Jan 2011

Excluded Placements

Smart Account Management! Exclude sites and placements of your portfolio for certain accounts. As a result, the blocked items will not be displayed in the media search when you plan a media campaign for this particular account.

20 Jan 2011

Delivery Report Settings

Easy Adjustment of Settings. This video guides you through the process of changing the remote site URL.

20 Jan 2011

Create Views

Customize Display of Your Data! When the number of accounts, contact or media campaigns increases, it becomes harder to keep track of them. This video provides a step-by-step guide to the creation of views, entering criteria your items have to meet to be shown in this particular view. With views you can structure the display […]

20 Jan 2011

Ad Bundle

Say Good-Bye to Data Chaos on Your Proposals! The ‘Ad Bundle’ function allows you to combine several items in one package, and thus create a more organized proposal.

20 Jan 2011

Clone Function

Easy and Quick Campaign Management. The ‘Clone’ function enables you to clone whole media campaigns, for example to create new orders. You can manually select the characteristics you wish to clone.

19 Jan 2011